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About Eco Lawns

Eco Lawns is a locally owned company offering lawn maintenance and snow removal services to the greater Ann Arbor area. We provide dependable, worry-free services in a streamlined and efficient manner. Our service team ensures that our customers receive exceptional service. All our crews participate in continuous training so they perform their work safely and take great care of the properties they service. 


We are environmentally friendly and working hard to become carbon neutral. To reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution, we are partnering with our customers, local communities, and businesses in our service territory. We believe we all have a responsibility to protect our environment and to make the neighborhoods we live and work in healthier, cleaner, and more enjoyable. 


That is why we are investing in battery-operated equipment and introducing a new lawn service utilizing robotic mowers. This equipment produces lower levels of noise and has zero emissions. In fact, for every acre of grass we transition to automated mowing will reduce a ¼ ton of carbon emissions and 30 hours of noise every year!


We want to change how people think about lawn care. We seek customers who are passionate about the environment and want to partner with us to make a positive impact. Take the time to learn more about our services on this website. When you are ready, contacting us is easy. Just click on the Request Service button, fill out your contact information and we will respond within one business day. 

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