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Automated Mowing Service

Automated Mowing Service

How it Works

Eco Lawns will install a dedicated robotic mower on your property. The battery-operated robotic mower mows your lawn 24/7, autonomously returning to its charging station to recharge when needed. The mower is silent, works rain or shine, and eliminates a 1/4 ton of carbon annually for every mowed acre. The robotic mowers are remotely monitored and we receive real-time notifications if any issues arise that require attention from our crews and technicians. 


Every two weeks a crew member will stop by to ensure that any areas not reached by the mower are trimmed and maintained. Edging is performed on a monthly basis if requested. 


Once the mowing season is over the robotic mower will be collected from your property for maintenance and storage. The robotic mower will be placed back the following spring.

Pricing for the automated mowing service is typically the same as traditional mowing.

Freshly cut lawn 24/7

The easiest way to a green, healthy, and perfect lawn

Noise Reduction

The sound level of the robotic mower is very low, ranging from 69 dB(A) to as little as 58 dB(A), depending on the model. By contrast, the average level of normal mowers is between 95 and 100 dB(A) of noise. You can have the mower working in your yard day and night without disturbing yourself or your neighbors

No Grass Clippings

The small, fine grass clippings are recycled into the turf as a natural fertilizer creating a healthier, better-looking lawn

Rain or Shine

Robotic mowers are designed to withstand wet, rainy weather and to function in temperatures up to 113ºF. In severe weather, the mowers can be remotely parked until the weather improves

Uneven Ground

Thanks to their large driving wheels, the robotic mowers work well on uneven ground and slopes up to 24°. Unlike traditional mowers, they will not scalp hills

Eco Friendly 

Robotic mowers are battery-operated, and there are no emissions generated by the mower. For every acre of grass transitioned from traditional mowing to automated mowing using a robotic mower, there is an annual reduction of a ¼ ton of carbon emissions

No Tire Ruts

Since the mower is light

(40 lbs) it will not create tire ruts the same way ride-on mowers do, especially during wet weather conditions


The robotic mowers have built-in safety features where the blades will automatically stop if the mower is lifted up or turned over. The robotic mower stops and turns around when it encounters an obstacle. The distance between the robotic mower’s outer body and the blade is extra-wide, which prevents hands or feet from reaching the blades accidentally. The mower is equipped with sensors so that when it runs into an object. It will stop, reverse direction and choose another path. If the mower does collide with a person or pet, the contact is light and unlikely to cause any harm. Pets typically leave the robotic mower alone.

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