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Pricing for Mulch & Topsoil


Mulch/Topsoil Bulk Delivery

Our mulch products are made of all natural wood, no construction debris, pallets, or wolmanized wood make it into the products. Our mulch products are of the highest quality and they are also environmentally friendly.

We offer STA certified compost and soil blends that can help achieve better growing results while being environmentally friendly. Certified products are analyzed for nutrient content and are verified to not contain any pathogens (fecal Coliforms or Salmonella) or trace metals.


Our location is centrally located next to I-94, US-23, and Michigan Ave for easy access for contractors. Call us for more information on wholesale pricing.

Price (per yard)


Hardwood Mulch


Red Mulch


Walnut/Brown Mulch


Black Mulch


Topsoil (Coming Soon)


Compost (Coming Soon)



Per yard



Within 10 miles


10 - 15 miles


Per truckload (8 yards max for mulch, 5 yard max for topsoil)

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